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Joshua v Parker - Showtime (2018)

Behind the Scenes Pre fight build up to World Heavyweight Unification bout between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker. Producing social media content and opening content for the night of the fight for Showtimes Telecast.

Factory Girls (Working Title) - (2018)

Living History documentary following 20 Valley Girls back in time to work in a fabrics factory in the South Wales Valleys. **Sound Supervisor**

Secret Life of Farms (2018)

A look at what happens on the farm and the science behind it.

Halfords EBike - Go Further (2018)

Online branded Content for the Halfords website promoting their new range of Electric Bikes.

At Home with the Hoff - TVC (2018)

TV commercial seriess with the new "face" of Farmfoods, Dave Hasselhoff and his Welsh Family.

Oak Furnitureland TVC Series (2018)

Series of new TV commercials for Oak Furnitureland

Inside the Factory (Series 2, 3 & 4) Christmas Special (2016 & 2017)

Greg Wallace and Cherry Healey get exclusive access to some of the largest factories in Britain to reveal the secrets behind production on an epic scale.
Camera Format: Sony F55, Canon C300 & Sony FS7.

Diva Espania (Working Title) (2018)

One off special with Gemma Collins.

Gold Rush (Series 6 - 2015, Series 7 - 2016, Series 8 - 2017, Series 9 - 2018)

Following the 6 month Klondike Gold mining season across three claims and the miner’s success, trevails and adventures.
Camera Format: Sony PMW 800

Arthritis Uk - The Nations Joint Problem (2017)

TV Commercial for the Arthritis UK Charity. Shot on 35mm film.

CBBC - Dengineers (2017)

Lauren Layfield and Mark Wright transform spaces to create amazing and unique dens in this makeover show.

ShowTime Behind the Scenes @ Joshua Vs Takam (2017)

Going behind the scenes in fight week for Anthony Joshua's defence of his World Titles.

Cabins In the Wild With Dick Strawbridge (2017)

Engineer Dick Strawbridge and master craftsman Will Hardie follow an ingenious competition to build a pop up hotel made up of eight stunning and unique cabins in the wild.
The series charts the build of these cabins and follows eight teams from across the UK who have been part of a tender competition to design unique cabins themed on the mythology, tradition and beauty of Wales.

Mind Over Marathon (2017)

Nick Knowles challenges ten people with different mental health issues to run the London Marathon. Will it change their lives?

Countryfile (2017)

BBC Countryside affairs.

The Truth About Stress (2017)

The World Health Organisation has described stress as 'the health epidemic of the 21st century'. In this programme Fiona Phillips wants to understand why we are experiencing increased amounts of stress in our lives and what actions we can take in order to reduce it.

F2: Lost In Europe (2017)

Social Media freestyle soccer sensations travel Europe on the hunt for their biggest tricks yet.

Thailand: Earths Tropical Paradise (2016) (Natural History)

BBC NHU documentary exploring the paradise of Thailand and the ways the people, culture and animals have learned to co-exist.
Camera format: Sony F55, RED Epic.

Bad Dads Army: The Hatton Garden Heist (2016)

Drama Reconstruction of the diamond heist and the subsequent investigation and arrest of a team of OAP thieves that stole £14million worth of diamonds.
Camera Format: Sony F55 & Sony AS7.

Dove Mens Care “If” Commercial. (2015)

Commercial interpreting Kiplings “If” for the Home Nations as they prepared for the Rugby World Cup 2015 with their Dove Sponsors #scrumtogether
Camera Format: ARRI Alexa

Blue Peter (2014)

Radzi took on the challenge of learning to climb and abseil in the Alps, we followed him through his training to ultimate test.
Barney Surf Challenge. Barney learnt to surf to ride the Severn Bore.
Camera Format: Sony PMW500, Sony F5 & GoPro

Wild School: Black Bears, Wild School: Howler Monkeys & Manatees (2014)

Documentary series aimed at children showing the interactions and conservation that is sometimes a necessity for wild animals in exotic locations.
Camera Format: PMW800 & GoPro

Land Rover Branded Content: Range Rover Evoque & Crossrail (2015)
Discovery Driving Challenge. (2014)

Showcasing the unique driving experience of the Land Rover range. We take the Evoque through the unfinished Crossrail tunnel construction in South East London as a showcase of the new vehicle. To mark the Discovery's 25th anniversary and Land Rover continuing involvement with Young British Explorers Ben Saunders took 6 young explorers and some heroes of exploration to the Mont Blanc range for testing.
Camera Format: ARRI Alexa XT. Canon C300.

One Show Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need (2012 to present)

Taking 6 young people who have directly benefitted from Children In Need on a 400 mile fund raising journey across the country.
Camera Format: PMW500.

Slum Survivors: Jakarta (2014)

Three trainee chefs leave their clean kitchens for the Slums, Warungs and Food stalls of Indonesia’s toughest slums. For two weeks they’ll live and work with locals who started with nothing but now run successful businesses.
Camera Format: C300.

Everybody Falls Down – Independent Documentary (2015)

Iraqi Kurdistan has an open door policy to Immigrants, why? We look talk to people that have returned to Kurdistan after fleeing the war and new Syrian Kurds that have had to turn to their Iraqi counterparts for help, protection and a home.
(winner of Hollywood International, Independent Documentary 2015, Impact Documentary Awards 2016 – Award of Merit, World Documentary Awards – Gold Award 2016, LAIFFA Winner 2016)


Department of Complaints (Working Title) – Plum Pictures – 2016
South Bank Show: Russell T Davies - Directors Cut – 2016
UKs Best Part Time Band – Wall to Wall – 2016
£100k House – Remarkable Films – 2015, 2016
BBC Election 2015: Making It Clear (Promo) – Red Bee – 2015
Gadget Show – North One – 2014, 2015
Prized Apart – Electric Ray – 2015
Things Come Quickly – Independent Feature Documentary - 2015
Military Wives: WWI 100yr Anniversary – TwentyTwenty – 2014
24hrs in the Past – DSP - 2014
Dr Who Trails (Promo) – BBC Worldwide – 2014
The Town That Loves Books (Hay Book Festival) – BBC – 2014
The Outsider – RDF/National Geographic – 2013
Lorraine Pascal Cookery – BBC – 2013
The Valleys – MTV - 2013
Nazi Megastructures – DSP – 2013
Embarrassing Bodies – Maverick TV – 2008/13
Crimewatch/Crimewatch Solved – BBC – 2005/14
Rogue Traders – BBC – 2006/15
Sex Story: 50 Shades of Grey – Silver River – 2012
The Military Awards – RDF – 2010/13
Superhuman Showdown – Maverick TV – 2012
Butlins: Home from Home (Promo) – Vanilla Films – 2012
The Hidden Talent Show – Silver River – 2011
Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance – Outline – 2011
The Edible Garden – BBC – 2011
Lambing Live – BBC – 2011
Britain’s Biggest Loser – Shine TV – 2011
Britain’s Next Big Thing – 2010
How Clean Is Your House – Talkback Thames – 2002/09

F2 Tackling Europe Trailer

Oak Furnitureland

Oak Furnitureland

Oak Furnitureland

Back in Time for the Factory

Gold Rush - Season 9

Joshua v Parker Showtime

Darren McMullen's Outsiders, Episode 1

Farmfoods: Hoff Price (2018)

Wild Thailand

24hours in the Past

The Edible Garden

Nazi Megastructures Lorient U Boat Base

Dove Mens Care Campaign

Range Rover Evoque Convertible: Crossrail test track

Land Rover Branded Content

Inside the factory Christmas Special commercial

Gold Rush Season 8

Arthritis uk TVC

Joshua v Takam BTS

Bad Dads Army

Uks Best Part Time Band

Blue Peter Surfing the Bore

Sing While you work

Mind Over Marathon

Rickshaw Challenge 2017


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